BELEN R. HIDALGO | Chairman of the Board and President

Mrs. Hidalgo, Filipino, born in 1929, is the widower of the late Cecilio M. Hidalgo, founder of Pinnacle Group of Companies. She is a graduate of Hunter College, New York, USA with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She is currently the Chairman of the Board and President of Pinnacle Realty & Development Corporation, Manila Credit Corporation, Trans-Phil House Corporation and Summit Realty Corporation. Mrs. Hidalgo is an active member of Zonta Club of Manila, Catholic Women’s Club and Cofradia del la Immaculada Concepcion.


CECILIO R. HIDALGO, JR. | Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hidalgo Jr., Filipino, born in 1956, is one of the incorporators of Manila Credit Corporation. He earned his degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from De La Salle University, Manila. When he first joined the Pinnacle Group of Companies in 1980, he held the position of Junior Marketing Assistant. Currently, being the Chief Executive Officer of MCC, he is responsible for day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the company’s long term and short term plans.


PAOLO MIGUEL H. COLOSO | Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Coloso, Filipino, born in 1983, is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Manila Credit Corporation. Mr. Coloso graduated from De La Salle University in July 2006 with a degree in Computer Science. In the first 4 years of his professional career, he worked for Oracle Corporation wherein he worked from the ranks of software developer to designer. In November of 2010, he joined the Pinnacle Group of Companies as Systems Analyst to singlehandedly maintain its computer network. January 2015 marked the beginning of his tenure as Chief Operating Officer where he now assumes a key position in assisting in company affairs to remain profitable. Mr. Coloso is also a licensed Real Estate Broker having been sworn in March of 2012.



Ms. Hidalgo, Filipino, born in 1957, is a member of the Board of Directors of Manila Credit Corporation. She holds a degree of Bachelor of Science and Commerce, Major in Management of Financial Institutions and Bachelor of Arts, Major in Economics, both from De La Salle University, Manila. She was a former Administrative Officer for the Office of the United Nations & Other International Organizations, Department of Foreign Affairs. She is also a licensed Real Estate Broker and Appraiser and a successful business entrepreneur engaged in hotel and resorts and wellness services.



Mr. Nazareno, Filipino, born in 1935, is a graduate of Mapua Intitute of Technology with Bachelor of Science degrees in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering as well as a Master’s degree in Industrial Management from the University of the Philippines. He served as an officer in the AFP Philippine Navy and was Vice President of LUSTEVECO. He also served as President of Trans-Phil Trading and Services Corporation until his retirement.


FLORANTE J. LACEBAL | Vice President

Mr. Lacebal, Filipino, born in 1953, is a graduate of Philippine School of Business Administration with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Major in Accounting. He passed the Real Estate Broker Exam in 1978. From 1978 to 1989, he was the Vice President of Trans-Phil Group of Companies and Executive Vice President of Manila Credit Corporation at the same time. From 1991 to 2004, he held the position as Executive Vice President in Lendcor Asia Philippines, Vice President of Declaro Realty & Development Corporation and held various positions with Light Rail Transit Authority. In December of 2014, he rejoined Manila Credit Corporation as VP and Trans-Phil House Corporation as Consultant.


ALEX B. DALMACION | Vice President, Operations

Engr. Dalmacion, Filipino, born in 1960, is the Vice President of Operations at Manila Credit Corporation. Engr. Dalmacion, a licensed Civil Engineer who graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology, joined the Pinnacle Group as Project Supervisor in 1989 and is now in charge of all the construction projects of the group being its Chief Engineer.


LEONARDO D. GAMBOA | Assistant Vice President, Accounting, Treasury & Office Administration

Mr. Gamboa, Filipino, born in 1958, joined Trans-Phil Management Corporation in 1989 and was transferred in to Manila Credit Corporation (MCC) as its Assistant Vice President for Accounting, Treasury and Office Administration. He is a graduate of the Far Eastern University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Accounting. Past job affiliations include Trans-Phil Management Corp., Insular Lumber Co. (Phils.), Inc. and Char-Phil Marketing, Inc.


Dailyn L. Alibocboc | Corporate Secretary

Ms. Alibocboc, Filipino, born in 1987, is currently the Corporate and Legal Secretary of Manila Credit Corporation and has been with the company since 2011. She earned a degree of Bachelor of Arts, Major in Legal Studies from Lyceum of the Philippines University.